My Platform

Second Amendment
The 2nd Amendment is very clear in it’s writing and that is; A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. This means that the security of a free state must be secured by a well regulated Militia, and that the right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

The 2nd Amendment was not written for purposes of hunting, it was written for the purpose of self-defense of one’s life, property and freedom. Our forefathers knew that government was a necessary evil, and that one day our government could break loose of its constraints and become tyrannical and destructive of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. For that purpose alone, our 2nd Amendment was written and must never be infringed upon, for that is our last defending tool of freedom and liberty.

I will not support gun control legislation, we do not need to infringe upon our rights, we need to lessen the restrictions and end gun free zones. We must protect our children by teaching them about firearms safety and how the real world operates. We must end the political correctness, trigger warnings, and safe space liberal garbage that has plagued our children’s minds and created this problem we face today.

It is time for us to revive our American spirit and unleash the full potential of our Constitution and bill of rights. Let us constrain our government, embolden our rights, and give the power back to “We The People” as our forefathers intended it.

We must reform immigration, it is a tired, old and broken down system. We must reform this system we need to have a sufficient vetting system, we need to make it easier, faster and cheaper for fully vetted immigrants to attain citizenship. If immigrants wish to come to our country and partake in our society, assimilate to our Constitution and laws, if they want to come here, be productive, have a great life and partake in the American dream and they are fully vetted, then why should it take up to 5 years and thousands of dollars to attain citizenship? We must have immigration reform.

Illegal Immigration and Border Security
Illegal immigration is just that ILLEGAL, those crossing our borders illegally must be stopped, they must be arrested and they must be deported. We have a massive influx of drugs and criminals pouring over into our country creating an uptick in drug crimes and violent crimes along our border towns and states. In order to bring order back to our border towns and states and to secure our nation we must have border security. We need to have a fully funded and operational border patrol with full authority given to stop, arrest and keep for deportation anyone who crosses our borders illegally. To help accomplish this we need to build the wall.

We must end DACA immediately. No more free healthcare, education and welfare benefits for non-citizens. These illegal immigrants are not U.S. citizens they have no right to drain our tax dollars, receive care that citizens do not receive, nor do they have the right to our Constitution or bill of rights as they are not U.S. citizens. Our government has created this problem and now we are faced with fixing it; having said that, we must look into this problem realistically. Illegal immigrants under DACA whom are being productive, serving our military, have jobs, houses, pay taxes, etc. These individuals should be given a pathway to citizenship. Illegal immigrants under DACA not doing these things, involved in criminal activity, etc. these individuals must be arrested and deported immediately. No more “free” healthcare, no more “free” education, no more “free” handouts. If they want to be citizens they will get the same deal we all receive.

Women’s rights, gay rights, black rights, etc.
There is no such thing as women’s rights, gay rights, black rights, there is only individual rights. The right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Government should have no role in regulating, restricting, or otherwise indulging in the prospects of collective rights for groups or individuals. There is currently systems and censors in place that burden these groups and individuals, creating divisions and restrictions on them. I want to end these systems and censors and bring back individual liberty. Each and every one of us has the same right to liberty and freedom, we have the same Constitutional guarantees and we have the same unalienable rights granted to us by our creator.

I do not agree with our individual liberties being infringed upon, the current state of many unions act in this way. A large majority of unions force you to pay into membership, in order to be an employee and I do not agree with that. I do think it should be the right of the individual to choose between membership with representation or no membership without representation. That is what a free society is all about, the right for the individual to choose what is best for their own life; however, the current state of “Right to Work” does in fact crush unions, even if a significant number of employees wish to remain unionized and that is something that needs to be looked at.


I wish to push for the federal legalization of medical marijuana, the medicinal powers of marijuana and CBD are amazing. I believe that we must mature as a country and strip the burdens of prescription drugs by legalizing medical marijuana and embrace the research and distribution of CBD. I wish to take marijuana of the narcotics list completely and decriminalize marijuana federally. The states shall use their 10th amendment right and enact their own laws, regulations, uses, taxes, etc. regarding how they wish to handle recreational marijuana. I would also like to legalize the growth and production of Hemp and Hemp products. This all would help create jobs, industry and strengthen our economy.

I will help our homeless veterans, families, children and communities. I was homeless at one point in my life. I know what it is like to be hungry, to be thirsty, to be cold and scorching hot, to not even have a penny in my pocket. I know what it is like to be hopeless and broken down. I know that struggle, I have felt it, I have lived it. Without support it is nearly impossible to come out of that. I will give our homeless the support they need, I will help raise them to their feet. I will also be donating $30,000 of my Congressional salary solely to our homeless and will do everything I can to support them and bring them support.

Our veterans served our country and it is our duty to serve them by providing them with the benefits they need and deserve. We must get government out of the VA and privatize our veterans healthcare while still allowing them free access and use. Our VA facilities are a disgrace and our VA programs are shameful. Our veterans deserve so much better, they deserve better health care, better dental care, better vision, better resources and better facilities. We must get this done and give them the services they need and deserve, if Congress does not want to get behind this then perhaps Congress should give up their cushy healthcare and be forced onto the VA system.

We must continue to strengthen our military by rebuilding and repairing. Our president was able to receive funds to do this, and we must support him in his efforts to accomplish this.

Fathers Rights
I believe that mothers and fathers should both receive unbiased treatment and are equal in the rights to their children. Fathers are a huge and important role in a child’s care, just as vital as the mother, and I will do everything I can to address these issues and change this system. With that, Title IV-D needs to be abolished. There was a petition to congress at one point, but it did not gain any ground. There are a lot of groups out there fighting for Fathers rights, unfortunately the corrupted system has been making money off of child support and CPS court abductions. Oversight isn’t the main issue on this, the issue is the system itself. It must be reformed to include equal representation and rights to both parents, the abolishment of Title IV-D and the dismantling of incentives that CPS uses to profit off of financial support for children; then we would be able to craft a way to have true oversight to hold this system accountable.

Famer and Rancher rights
I wish to protect our farmers and ranchers. These amazing people are the back bone our country, they provide for us and without them we would be hurting bad. We must do everything we can to give them the support they need and that includes abolishing the BLM and reforming the DNR. The federal government has no right nor authority to own land outside of their Constitutional restrictions; which is 10 square miles around the capital, military bases and the borders and ports. All other land should be reverted back to the states and the BLM should be abolished immediately.
In protecting farmers, I wish to strip Monsanto of their strangle hold. They control the seeds, they control the pesticides, they control the pollen and in turn control the entire agricultural community. We then in turn give Monsanto millions of dollars in tax funded corporate subsidies while our local farms suffer. We must find ways to end this corruption and allow our agricultural communities to flourish outside of Monsanto control.
I wish to also push for total property and water protection for all of us, no more imminent domain. Our property is our own, our water is our own, the government has no rights nor authority to regulate these things from us.

Energy Independence
We are a powerful country with resources flowing out around us, yet we continue to rely on energy such as oil from other countries. We must refocus our agenda and out America first. Let us become energy independent, let us become self sufficient and create industry, jobs and economy here in our own country by focusing on our own energy resources.

Clean Renewable Energy
I wish to push for clean and renewable energy such as solar, hydro, and wind; these energy resources are abundant and clean. I wish to push for innovation in this area and get people as citizens and in the private sector of research to become excited and emboldened in their inventive ways to harness these clean renewable energies in effective ways that can be implemented in large scale forms. I do not wish to restrict other industries; coal, oil, nuclear, etc. are major areas of energy, are major areas of economy and industry and we must retain those for the foreseeable future; however, we must always look for ways to better ourselves and our country.

Global Warming and Carbon Tax
Global warming is one of the biggest frauds in modern history perpetrated by one of the biggest con men Al Gore. We have a naturally occurring climate change that humans have little to no effect on. The thought that taxing humans for simply being alive is preposterous. Carbon pricing communities, metering humans, taxing energy and fuel, these things do nothing to combat a naturally occurring climate change; they are simply ideas and ways for the socialist democrats to drain your money and enrich themselves. I will never support these ideas and will fight them tooth and nail on every piece of carbon legislation they try to ram down our citizens throats.

Health Care
I want government out of our healthcare system completely. I wish to tear down the insurance borders, cut through the red tape and end the burdensome regulations so that we can have a free market in the healthcare industry. This would allow businesses and corporations to create individualized plans, family plans, and packages that could be chosen throughout the country. If you lived in Washington and found a business and package that best fits you in Texas you would be able to purchase that plan. This free market healthcare would create innovation, competitive pricing and competitive packages and deals while reviving the private sector.

Small Business
I wish to help strengthen our small businesses and allow for the American dream to flourish. I want to get rid of burdensome regulations, taxation and red tape that crush our small businesses before they have a chance to grow and become competitive.

Our president passed the GOP tax cut which I fully supported, now we must work with our president and do everything we can to ensure our temporary tax cuts become permanent tax cuts. The democrats have already released their plan to abolish the GOP tax cut and dig deeper into your pocket, in order to stop this we must retain the house and the senate and work alongside our president to ensure our tax cuts become permanent.

Mental Health
I am a mental health technician at Eastern State Hospital, I am going on 6 years in this field. I know what is broken in our mental health system and I know of the types of funding we need to update it. Our mental healthcare industry is broken, underfunded and severely understaffed. I wish to fix that and get the mentally ill help while protecting our communities.

Our president has been a major proponent of fixing our infrastructure both rurally and in our urban areas, I fully  support these efforts and will work alongside our president to ensure our infrastructure is taken care of.

51st State of Liberty
I support Rep. Matt Shea, his team and their efforts in creating the 51st state of Liberty. We have a major divide here in Washington state where those on the West side of the state dig into our pockets, spend our money recklessly, create laws that we do not agree with and support candidates like Hillary Clinton whom we do not agree with. The West side does not represent the East side of the state, they have forgotten us and are enjoying our revenue while we suffer. I believe that we can be a strong and independent state of Liberty and will fully support Matt Shea, his team while doing all I can to work with them to accomplish this goal and free Eastern Washington.