Businesses that support us

Local business owners are recognizing their chance for growth and freedom in Washington state, through my campaign. I understand that local businesses are suffering at the hands of greedy politicians, whom serve special interests over our home grown economy. Over regulation and the steady attack on our free market and free trade, is killing our local businesses and with it our local economy.

I stand firm and proud with our business owners and will fight for their growth and freedom in Washington state and nation wide. Our small business owners need our help and I will be there to give them the helping hand that they need and deserve.

  Add your business and stand with me and the growing number of businesses.
  Together we can make a stronger Washington. 
Email: to add your business to the list.


Lavender & Sage Massage and Body Work
Aleana Myers Forquer
Licensed Massages Therapist. relaxation – rehabilitation

North West Survival School
Travis Johnson

Brubaker Arms Gunsmithing
Bryan Brubaker

Brubaker Arts
Ligia Brubaker

Viking Roofing and Gutters
Darrell Wynn

Scooter Butts
Dave Hammond

Bowlin Fire Suppression
Shawn Bowlin

Sullivan and Sons Painting
Mike Sullivan

Bend Movers