Name: Jered Gavin Bonneau
DOB: 02/17/1987
Married to Tara Bonneau
Two Children, Gavin Bonneau 4yo and Jaxson Bonneau 2yo
Employment: 5+ Years as a Mental Health Technician (NAR) at Eastern State Hospital. Party: Independent. Religion:
Raised Seventh day Adventist but currently do not believe in organized religion. Instead, I believe religion is the spiritual bond between you and your creator.

I grew up with 2 fathers. My mother Natalie and father Jerry got divorced when I was just a few years old. My mother got remarried to my step father Terry.

At a young age I was inundated with American history and politics. As soon as I could read and speak, my step father bought me place mats with presidents on them and would have me memorize and recite them to the best of my abilities at the dinner table.

Both my father and step father listened to political am radio such as Michael Savage, and we would listen to them speak and discuss the topics throughout the day. My father owned and operated a repossession and towing business. Throughout my younger years, I would ride with him as we listened to political talk shows and conversed politics. We followed presidential races, legislation, and political talk shows, like most families follow sports. The history channel and war movies were our favorite pass time.

I grew up with a love for our founding, an absolute love for our constitution and the bill of rights. The revolutionary era became my favorite topic and our founding documents became my obsession.

Throughout my life, we moved around a lot from city to city and state to state. Until I ended up in Arizona. I was raised to be Seventh day Adventist, and due to us moving so much, the church and it’s people became my only normal and steady thing. By the time we settled in Arizona I started High school and it was here when I hit my rebellious stage. I had found something new and fun, something outside of our Church life. I started making the wrong friends and getting into trouble at school and with each new dicipline against me, the stronger I fought back with my parents.

I eventually dropped out of High school and wound up partying with friends and distancing myself from my family. Until one day I realized that I was going nowhere in life. I decided to join the Army and be in the infantry (11b), in hopes that I would find the new me in the service of my country. I went to Ft. Benning for basic and wound up at Ft. Carson for my duty station. Once here, I realized that Rear D. Is like a party in itself. Doing training during the day and partying at night. Until one day we recieved our orders to be deployed to Iraq. Shortly after we were drug tested and I along with others came up dirty. We all received discharge under “Other than Honorable” and I was sent back to Arizona.

Once back home I was so disgusted with myself and ashamed with what I had done, I decided to make it worse and continued partying and staying out with friends, once again distancing myself from my family.

I eventually ended up homeless, living from couch to couch, in cars, etc. Until one day my mother found me. She packed me up on a bus and sent me back to Washington to live with my dad in Spokane. He kicked my butt into shape and helped me get my life on track. We started listening to political shows again, following legislation, watching races and doing our favorite pass times.

I was able to restart my life, but this time for the best. I began employment as a cashier, where I met my beautiful wife. The most beautiful and stunning girl I had ever laid eyes on. I knew from that very first day, that I loved her. It took me months to get her number and months more to get her to date me, but my persistance paid off and we found the best in eachother.

It was about this time I started realizing our country was falling to pieces. I had since moved from being a cashier to working at a factory making great money with great benefits… until the crash of 2008. The factory was forced to shut down leaving me and my co-workers jobless. It took me nearly 4 months of going shop to shop applying for jobs, before I was finally hired as a maintenance technician.

During this time I became obsessed with political activism. Showing up to rallys and protests, emailing and calling the senate and congress and eventually getting involved with the tea party. I then realized that the power of the people is the true power of our country, I stood with the tea party and watched as our national movement took shape. We were able to nominate tea party candidates and get them elected to office, we were able to stop terrible legislation and started to reverse the destructive trajectorie our country was on.

It was here that our power stopped. Only a few elected officials stood up for We The People, more specifically Senator Ron Paul. I started heavily following him, researching his ideals and reading his books. He became my political role model. Our government had become to tyrannical and destructive of its own means and our constitutional rights and individual liberties started to shred away, but he stood his ground, he fought for our very survival, battling through all the endless executive actions and devious behaviors of all 3 branches of government.

Though a glimmer of hope in this madness, my wife and I had finally declared our love before our creator and were bound to each other in marriage. After working multiple other blue collar jobs, I had found a career with the state and began my employment at a state psychiatric hospital as a mental health technician. It was at this time, when we had our first boy Gavin.

I continued my political activism, staying involved in rallys, attending protests, debating with people, etc. Then one day I decided that I needed to provide a better life for my child and my wife, I needed to be more financially sound. So I started college at NIC in hopes of becoming a Registered Nurse and continue my new found passion in helping people in need.

Though something wasn’t right, something didn’t belong. I was cutting classes to attend rallys, I was skipping my studdies to watch and do all I could to support the Bundy family. I then found state rep. Matt Shea and started focusing on our politics here at home in Washington state. Realizing now, that this was home for me, this is where I felt my soul come alive.

The tipping point for me, the straw that broke the camels back was the day I wept for my country as I watched Lavoy get murdered by our own government. The flame in my soul became a raging and uncontrollable fire. I felt the incredible need, the insationable want, to stop this insanity, to bring back our constitution and restore our country, restore our republic and bring the power back to the people.

My second son Jaxson was born shortly after and I knew that I had to do everything I could to ensure his liberty to ensure our children retain their individual liberties and freedoms granted to them by our creator and guaranteed to them by the constitution. I made this my goal, my passion, my obsession, and I will not stop until it is achieved.

I may not be a career politician. I may not be a lawyer or a businessman, but I am an American patriot who’s heart and soul burns for his country. I am a man with a family. A man who has struggled in life, who has made mistakes. A man who has worked day in and day out to correct those mistakes and become the man, the father, the husband and friend that I am now.

I am a die hard constitutionalist and I want nothing more than to be your servant, a servant of the people, for the people and by the people. I will give the power back to We The People and defend our constitutional rights.
Liberty will reign in America!

I hope this finds you well and you give me the opportunity to serve you in office.

In Truth and Liberty.

– Jered Gavin Bonneau