Campaign Statement.

By Jered Bonneau|May 29, 2018|Uncategorized|

My name is Jered Bonneau. I have served the people of Spokane since 2012. I began effecting positive change by serving the most vulnerable in our society, the mentally ill. Due to my efforts advocating for proper treatment of the patients as well as for the safety of their mental health technicians, I was elected vice president of AFSCME. During this time, as a proud citizen of Washington, I have observed, with growing apprehension, the political proceedings both within the area of Spokane and that of the whole state. For years, I have held onto the belief that our elected officials would bring us to some semblance of the potential greatness that we as a people and a state know we can achieve. My faith has deteriorated along with the ever-diminishing status quo that our representatives cling to in favor of legislation that does not resemble the people’s will. Since they will not or maybe cannot properly represent us, duty to my family, my city, and my state leaves me with no alternative other than to campaign for the honor of representing the people of this great state. We, the people, have, within ourselves, the ability to end overspending, over taxation, over regulation and any other encroachments upon our rights and liberty. All it takes on your part to bring an end to government ineptitude and abuse of power and usher in a period of representation that will benefit us, our American heroes in their various roles, local business, our local economies and rural communities throughout Washington is your vote. My name is Jered Bonneau, and by adhering to the Constitution and the Republican values which are designed specifically to protect and advance our prosperity, I will do the heavy lifting necessary to clean up our state after you vote.

-In truth and liberty.
Jered Gavin Bonneau
(R) Congressional Candidate for Washington’s fifth district.

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