Don’t fall prey to gun control.

By Jered Bonneau|March 5, 2018|Uncategorized|

I do not agree with and will not stand for, raising the age for rifle purchase to 21 years old.

If we as a nation are to falsely claim that 18 year old individuals are not capable and mature enough to purchase a rifle, then we must also say that 18 year old individuals are not capable and mature enough to enlist in the military or vote.

There for, we must also raise the age one becomes an adult to 21 years old. This of course would mean that you must be 21 to do the following.
*Be tried as an adult
*To buy tobacco
*To rent without a cosigner
*Acquire a drivers license without permit
*Work full-time hours
*Acquire health insurance
*Legally engage in sex
*Establish your own bank account
*Acquire a credit card
*Marriage without parental consent
*Register with the selective service
*Serve jurry duty
*Obligated to pay off own debt
*Buy a lottery ticket
*Enter a casino
*Legally gamble

The point here is, if you wish to raise the age limit one is “allowed” to partake in their inalienable right, then you must raise the age limit for everything with it.

Instead of condemning every citizen for the actions of a few deranged, sick, and disgusting humans, we should instead be focusing on education and home life.
We should be focusing on bringing weapons training back to the classroom and back to the home. We should bring back home ec. and shop classes, disassemble political correctness and the barriers we established with it. We must get rid of safe spaces and force our children to face and handle their own emotions and issues. We must abolish gun free zones and allow every school nation wide, the ability to train and arm their teachers. We must focus on the broken homes and find ways to keep homes together.

There is a long list of sensible and intelligent ways to combat mass violence and mass shootings, that does not infringe upon or abolish our rights.

Please do not fall prey to their attacks.

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