Response to the Florida school shooting.

By Jered Bonneau|February 16, 2018|Uncategorized|

Another tragic shooting, at another gun free zone… So very sad and incredibly heartbreaking. Our prayers and thoughts will be with them during this time of mourning…

This is not enough. We must do something.

so many of our innocent continue to be murdered at the hands of mentally ill terrorists, using gun free zones as a free and easy target.

We must focus on our mental health agencies and give them the tools they need, to provide care of these mentally ill individuals.

We must arm and train our teachers.

We must educate our children on gun safety not just at home but educating them in the classroom as well.

We must end the massive amount of gun free zones, where most shootings take place, so that we stop forcing citizens to be victims.

We must end the politically correct agenda in which we have forced upon this generation. These children knew something was wrong with this kid, the teachers knew something was wrong.

With political correctness and safe space teachings, we have tought our children that the feelings of others are more important than the rights to life. This is insanity and it must be stopped.

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