Fathers Rights

By Jered Bonneau|February 13, 2018|Uncategorized|

The system is incredibly corrupt and I will most assuredly be addressing this issue. Fathers deserve the same rights as mothers and it is not happening. It is a travesty that fathers are forced to pay enormous amounts of child support and then end up with terrible custody rights even when they are doing all they can to be active in their childrens lives and are fighting to give their children the best they can provide. I have many friends close to me who experience this and are incredible fathers to their children yet suffer at the hands of our coruputed courts and child services.

I believe that mothers and fathers should both receive unbiased treatment and are equal in the rights to their children. Fathers are a huge and important role in a child’s care, just as vital as the mother, and I will do everything I can to address these issues and change this system.

With that, Title IV-D needs to be abolished. There was a petition to congress at one point, but it did not gain any ground. There are a lot of groups out there fighting for Fathers rights, unfortunately the corrupted system has been making money off of child support and CPS court abductions.

Oversight isn’t the main issue on this, the issue is the system itself. It must be reformed to include equal representation and rights to both parents, the abolishment of Title IV-D and the dismantling of incentives that CPS uses to profit off of financial support for children.

Then we would be able to craft a way to have true oversight to hold this system accountable.

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