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By Jered Bonneau|February 4, 2018|Uncategorized|


Dear We The People,

I need your help in this fight. I need your support and your donations, so that I can give the power back to the people.

Today’s political climate is far from stable. We have career politicians supporting special interest groups for money and power, while not supporting We The People. Our political leaders have become disconnected from us, forgetting the struggles and hardships we all face on a daily basis. Our elected officials have forgotten their place and its about time we remind them.

I am one of you, with struggles and hardships, working day in and day out to provide for my family. I am not a career politician, I have not taken a single meeting with any powerful industry nor have I taken a single penny from any special interest group. I believe that my place as a candidate and as an elected official, is and always will be, with the people.

I want to give you your power back. I want to represent you and be a true servant of the people. I want to meet you, learn from you, understand you and hear your concerns so that I may address them and fully represent you in Congress.

It is about time we bring sensible and realistic legislation to the table. It is about time we bring the constitution back to the forefront of Congress and fight for our individual liberties. It is about time that we take our power back.

That time is now! This is not my campaign, this is your campaign. A campaign of the people, by the people and for the people. A campaign that We The People must win.

Please donate to your campaign.

In truth and liberty.

– Jered Gavin Bonneau
Congressional Candidate WA (0-5)

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